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pbsControl is professional SCADA solution provider .pbsSCADA solution is based on pbsHMI as master SCADA Platform , pbsSoftLogic as RTU Programming environment , Beckhoff DNP3 Driver , pbsFEP as Communication gateway , pbsFDT Free DNP3 Tester and DNP3/IEC870-5/Modbus/GSP/OPC UA protocols .




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Open RTU/PLC Programming Environment ( Function Block Programming and Lua Scripting ) for Embedded linux/QNX/WinCE/Win32 based Controller with Supported Modbus Master/Slave , DNP3 Master/Slave , IEC870-5-101/104 Master/Slave ,IEC870-5-103 master, GSP Client ,OPC UA Server , SQLite , MS SQL Server Client and Siemens S7 Communication Protocols . Download Free Development Environment V3.0RC4.( 25 Jan 2020) Download user manual ,Download datasheet

Easy Drag & Drop Programming

No Programming Requied for Communication protocols , Only protocols are setup by graphical configurator

Supported many ready and tested Function Blocks

User defined Function Block by Lua Scripting and C

Optional Security Functionality for RTU and Eng Station

Optional Encryption of Projects

Supported SDK for developing User defined Communication protocols

Offline Simulation of Logic is Supported

Runtime Kernel for Linux / WinCE / QNX / Win32

Logic Monitoring Utility and Tags Forcing

Supported Modbus RTU/TCP Master /Slave Drivers

Supported DNP3 TCP/RS232 Master /Slave Drivers

Supported IEC101-104 Master /Slave Drivers

Supported OPC UA Server Driver . OPC UA Stack is blong to www.open62541.org

Supported S7 Connect Client Driver . S7 Stack is blong to Snap7

Supported SQLite for in RTU Data Archiving and TDS for synchronizing with MSSQL Server . TDS Stack is blong to FreeTDS



HMI/SCADA Software Platform Based on .Net Technology with built in Modbus , DNP3 , IEC104 , OPC Classic /UA ,S7 , Beckhoff ADS and GSP Server Drivers. Download Datasheet

Running easily on ATOM CPU with 1 GB Ram for Local HMI , 128 Tags Server is Free for Local HMI Applications

Client /Server Structre

Modbus , DNP3 , IEC104 , OPC UA , OPC Classic , GSP Server ,Beckhoff ADS and S7 Communication protocols are supported

Full Object Oriented graphics

Rotate , Move , Blink , Brush , Hide ,Tooltip ,... Dynamics

Supports more than 3000 Ready Symbols ,Import SVG to Native pbsHMI Object facility

Alarm and Event kernel

Data Logging on MS SQL Server , MySQL and Oracle

C# Scripting and Scheduling Kernel

Integarted SoftLogic Engine


Server Price and Licensing

128 Tags Free for local HMI and Test

256 Tags 100 USD ,512 Tags 150 USD

1024 Tags 250 USD ,2048 Tags 500 USD

5000 Tags 1000 USD ,10000 Tags 2000 USD



pbsFEP ( Front End Processor ) is communication concentrator/gateway for DNP3 , IEC104 , modbus and OPC UA Protocols .

Supports DNP3 /IEC104/Modbus for downlink RTUS

OPC UA is default Uplink Connection . www.open62541.org

Supports DNP3 /IEC104 for uplink Connections

MS SQL Server and Oracle Data and SOE Logging

Multi threads data logging upto 16 threads

Oracle Server and SID redundancy

Ignition SCADA Integration Module With server and SID redundancy

Supports Server redundancy

Supports Online Adding of RTU and chaning RTU tags

Download RC17 for Ubuntu X64 Runtime (14 Feb 2020)

Download User Manual


1 - DNP3 Master/Slave Driver for beckhoff CX Series Controller .

DNP3 Master/Slave Driver for Beckhoff CX Controller for ARM/X86 Based CPU with WINCE and Win32 Controller .

-Master /Slave Functionality , level 3

-System Tag for TwinCat to send Integrty poll , Time Synch , ReadRBE , Read Class data ,....

-GUI for dnp3 master /Slave driver

-Direct Mapping Between DNP Master tags to DNP Slave Kernel with msec resolution

-1 msec Data gathering from ADS to DNP 3 Slave Kernel

-multi drop RS485 Master driver is supported

-integrated DNP Frame logging facility for communication diagnostic

-Multi Fragment Data Transfer , Standard driver can accept 2048 DNP Tags

-differnet Qualifire is supported for Class0 Transfer


Download Beckhoff DNP3 Master /Slave Driver for WinCE-ARM /WinCE-X86/Win32 ( V3 RC23). ( 10/2/ 2020)

Download Beckhoff DNP3 Master /Slave Manual ( V3 RC23). ( 10/2/ 2020)

Learn DNP3 from Developer

Beckhoff DNP3 Training Course , 3 days , from 9:00 to 15:00

Day 1 - DNP3 Protocol Concepts , Frame Formats , Communication Modes ,Data Types , Functions

Day 2 - DNP3 Slave Configuration for CX Controllers , Communication Diagnostic By Wireshark , Driver DNP3 Logging Function , pbsControl DNP3 Master Tester .

Day 3 - DNP3 Master Configuration for CX Controllers , Communication Diagnostic by Driver DNP3 Logging function , Multi Drop RS485 Master Configuration , 1 msec Data Gathering from TC , Direct Mapping between DNP Master Driver to DNP Slave Driver in CX Controllers


PbsSoftLogic RunTime Kernel for BeagleBone and Raspberry Core CPU

- Supports Modbus(pbsControl) , DNP3(pbsControl) , IEC101/104(pbsControl) , OPC UA(Open62541) , GSP(pbsControl) ,SQLite with TDS(freetds) and S7 Connect(Snap7) Protocols

- Supports SDK for developing Local IO Driver for Reading/Writing to WDT , GPIO , I2C ,SPI

- Supports Function Block Programming with Lua Scripting

- Download pbsSoftLogic IDE for Configuration and programming V3RC4( 25 Jan 2020) Free

- Download Armv7Hf Debian Runtime Kernel ( Raspberry- Beagle Bone) , running 30 Min with full fucntionalities every time kernel Starts (V3RC4 13 Nov 2019). Runtime price 100 USD for one CPU

- Download Arm926 Runtime Kernel (iMX287) , running 30 Min with full fucntionalities every time kernel Starts (V3RC4 13 Nov 2019). Runtime price 100 USD for one CPU

- Download Ubuntu X64 Runtime Kernel , running 30 Min with full fucntionalities every time kernel Starts (V3RC3 5 Oct 2019). Runtime price 100 USD for one CPU

- Download Debian X86 Runtime Kernel , running 30 Min with full fucntionalities every time kernel Starts (V3RC3 5 Oct 2019). Runtime price 100 USD for one CPU

- Download Linux Kernel Installation Manual

- Download Sample Applications

- Download pbsSoftLogic Manual

- Download pbsSoftLogic Function Block Manual



pbsFDT is Free DNP3 Tester with Master Functionaly . You can connet to any Slave RTU by TCP or Serial Connection and Read / Write Tags and log communication frames . Download Free DNP3 Tester from pbscontrol and send us your feedback and RTU Brand to enhance functionalities . For proper execution pbsFDT needs Visual C runtime for VS2013 and Dot net Framework 4.7.1 Download pbsFDT V1.0.0 RC2 23 Jan 2020

- Course #1 : Basic SCADA Solutions , 3 days , from 9:00 to 15:00

- Basic concepts of SCADA systems

- pbsSoftLogic Concepts , Function Block Programming and Logic offline simulation

- pbsSoftLogic RunTime Kernel for BeagleBone Black and raspberry Familly with Debian OS

- Modbus, DNP3 and IEC101/104 Protocols Concepts , Tools and Configuration in pbsSoftLogic

- OPC Classic and OPC UA Concepts , Tools and Configuration in pbsSoftLogic

- Data Archiving in RTU by SQLite , Tools and Configuration in pbsSoftLogic

- SCADA Systems based on Mobile network and GSP Protocol Concepts , Tools and Configuration in pbsSoftLogic

- Course #2 : Advanced SCADA Solutions , 3 days , from 9:00 to 15:00

- pbsSoftLogic RunTime Kernel Structure for Linux , win32 , WinCE and QNX Operating systems

- Lua Scripting Concepts and User Defined Function Block development with Lua for pbsSoftLogic

- Advanced Function Block Programming for Developing , simulation and Warm Logic Updating for a Real Plant.

- pbsSoftLogic RunTime Kernel for BeagleBone Black and raspberry Familly with Debian OS

- pbsFEP Concepts and Configuration

- Course #3 : pbsHMI SCADA Platform, 3 days , from 9:00 to 15:00

- pbsHMI Concepts

- Configuration of Modbus , DNP3 , IEC104 , S7-Connect , OPC UA and OPC Classic Drivers in pbsHMI

- Developing Graphic Pages , Providing Dynamics and Events

- Graphic symbol Concepts and defining user defined symbols .

- C# Scripting in pbsHMI

- Function Block programming in pbsHMI and User defined FB by C#

- Data Logging in standard Database Like MS SQL Server

- Alarm and Events concepts and management and Logging

- Online and Historical Trending

- Scheduling and reporting concepts

- Client/Server structure in pbsHMI








Technical and Support Team

Kamjoo Bayat(Mr.)

Developer Manager

Email :  Kb(atsign)pbscontrol.com


International Sales Office (MALAYSIA OFFICE)


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NO.58, Jalan Masjid 3/69, Seksyen 3,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Web Site : https://pro-e.net/
TEL:+603 7781 5559
FAX:+603 7784 8522

Mr.Magesh Kumar Suppu

email :magesh(atsign)pro-e.net





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